Gemini Daily Prediction for 5 October

Friday's Gemini Forecast
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- Love
- Money
- Health


Gemini, your word of the day is illusion.

For those Geminis who have been looking for love for a while, today is a crucial day. It seems as if all the excitement and illusion you'd been piling up has concentrated and burst out into an explosion of happiness and bliss. Why? A relationship that seemed impossible to happen starts to bring some rewards.

But what's most important today is that you'll realise that, in order to get what you want so much, you have to fight. And the fight isn't useless at all; it gives you the power to get what you want.

For Geminis in relationships, good news could change your mood for the better and give you some hope to keep fighting and change all the negativity that's poisoning your partnership. Change your mindset, evolve towards optimism and fight for your love story to have a good ending.


Some bad news today could make you feel deeply concerned about your job and personal finances again. Concern increases your stress level, blocks off your mind and makes you lose accuracy and make mistakes in your tasks, which in turn increases your dissatisfaction.

This whole environment, added to a great level of nerves and stress, is slowly sinking you down into a spiral of disaster which ends up in depression. And little by little, everything's affecting what's around you, making your life worse and deteriorating your private life.

In this sense you must leave that trend behind and start to see your situation at work in perspective. First of all, because it's not as dramatic as you think and you're probably taking things to the extreme. And second, because you can't let it affect your personal life.


The stars point out you're in the perfect cycle to stay home for shelter and make it a relaxing space where you can feel safe and calm. From today, you should start transforming your home into a more comfortable space with that goal in mind.

Make sure the lights are dim and soft, that there's a good temperature to relax and a neutral, quiet environment. Order and frugality are essential when trying to relax.