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Wednesday's Gemini Forecast
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Your partner is at a distressing time with a serious issue only you can help to sort out. The problem is that they find it hard to communicate and open up about what's going on, and you're so absorbed into the fiendish dynamics of your work schedule that you forgot to pay attention to what's really important.

Today's a good day to get back to communicating with your partner and giving them your most generous, altruistic side. You have to prove them that time hasn't damaged your affection for them and that you're still ready to fight for love as their faithful life companion.

During the times when they go through such an anxiety-inducing issue, that's when you need to prove that they are on your priority list.


When things go wrong at the office you should just stick to doing your work and keeping a low profile. Today will be quite a rowdy day and it isn't advisable to stand out and take sides that may be harmful later on. This is your job we're talking about, Geminis, and you need to be more selfish.

If someone comes asking or trying to get you around to make other colleagues get in trouble, just stick to your work and don't follow their game. It's okay to keep a good work environment and make friends with your workmates, but remember that you go to the office to do work, not make friends.

There'll be important rearrangements and new decisions to make in the company that could be good for you. Make your managers proud of you and your work.


Your skin problems are turning into seriously ugly consequences as eczemas, spots and warts start coming out and giving you itches and ugly skin patches. It's best if you start taking measures as soon as possible and, after the impossibility of cutting off this issue with moisturising creams, you should go to the doctor.

On the other hand, Geminis with eyesight problems should get an appointment to get a new check-up going, because it's something to be checked every once in a while. How long has it been since you last went to the eye doctor? It has become an essential requirement for you.

Finally, in a more general scope, Geminis are still within that path of improvement and recovery that brings about a sense of full harmony and self-achievement. Keep treading on that track.