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Gemini Forecast for December 6

Prediction for Thursday
Gemini Daily Horoscope | MagicHoroscope.com



Today you should try to create the appropriate environment to allow energy to flow and connect your soul to the universe. You usually complain that your surrounding circumstances always play against you, that they're a barrier preventing you from being happy.

But Geminis, you're not realising that you're so much more powerful than you think, that you can change anything around you, that everything you feel and see around you revolves around you indeed, because you're the center and the engine that moves this well-oiled machine.

Create a lever to give you some drive and move everything, because what you need the most right now is to be dynamic, to keep moving, to be driven. Don't be so hard on yourselves, don't be so demanding or uptight, and relax to feel that energy flows so much easier.


In some way, this tightness is setting parameters that are too strict to benefit your projects, and sometimes you tend to forget that a great part of your success comes from your wits. Sharpen them up and face your issues without being so obsessed with reason. You've become too predictable.

It's time to relax a little and make some room for improv, and to just see what happens. This needs to come along with relaxed nerves to have a much more direct relationship with your environment at work.

If you're Geminis with leadership responsibilities, you need to loosen up the ropes a little so that your team can do more. If your financial situation is complicated, you should think that everything will get sorted out and try to find an answer without putting pressure on yourselves.


Coughing will be a quite unpleasant companion of yours today, but there's some natural remedies around you to face this sticky and annoying situation. Don't let it ruin a perfectly intense day.

Oregano tea with mallow and thyme softens your throat and gets rid of dry cough. Another good combination to help you ease the pain is mint and marshmallow. To help your respiratory tract become more free, nothing better than heated water inhalation.

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