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If you're Geminis, perhaps your calmness is being put in danger by a secret life, extra relationships or inappropriate thoughts, and today you'll be in serious trouble. Don't let temptation take you away, you need to take control of the situation and set some boundaries.

Controlling your impulse implies being faithful to your principles and loyal to the person with whom you're sharing the adventure of life. Doing the opposite would imply giving in to passion without ever thinking of the consequences, which, if you think about it, is quite immature.

The first step to start having a better life and avoid having to hide away is to relax your mind and be aware of yourselves; if you know what you want and take control of your thoughts, you'll have taken a very important step in that sense.


A rut of bad luck, lack of trust and a low self-esteem are the steps in the path to an abyss; if you add arguments and a weird work environment into the mix, there's smell of apocalypse in the air.

In fact, your position is much better than that of your workmates: as natives of an air sign, your intelligence brings highly useful extra tools to progress in your improvement. This Tuesday, you'll be on an upward trend of increasing difficulties, but you'll also have more resources to overcome them.

The stars boost your mental capacity to process any obstacles to overcome through logic. Avoid stress and rushing, and face your issues calmly and cautiously.


A stressful life, or an intense period such as the one you're experiencing, can affect your sleep and influence your dream sensations. That means your real life is getting more and more muddled into your dreams.

That can bring extravagant dreams that are hard to read, or even nightmares and uncomfortable situations. But there's nothing to worry about: use it in your favour.

Today, we know that dreams are the wishes and needs that our brain processes through illusion; therefore, they're distorted. By analysing the context of your dreams, you can extract your own conclusions.

If you have recurring nightmares, be careful, because they could affect your sleep: you need to perform relaxation exercises before bed to make sleep quality come back.