Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today you'll have quite a clueless day, and your mood will match the events that occur: you feel you're really distracted and you can't focus your attention on the tasks you're doing. It's okay, sometimes you need to give your mood a response no matter how distracted it gets.

Devoting one day to give your mind a break, letting go, travelling around other worlds, letting your imagination soar, could be quite a good form of therapy to decompress the nervous state you live in a little bit.

Today's a day to give to your environment, to have fun with friends, to do things you like, or just to lose time altogether. But it's especially a day to find yourselves and slow down on the pace you've been taking through life.


Today's not a good day to work, or at least not to do so in a squarish, intense way, like you always do. Today you should slow down and focus your efforts on other areas of life. If you have to work, you should look calm, collected and relaxed.

Your tasks will eventually be done, and very skilfully so. So you don't need to get demanding and start stressing as usual. Instead, you should just go through the day doing what you've been asked to very calmly.

Your finances today will have an unimportant fallback. Or maybe this fallback will be as important as you think it is, because if you look at it from afar you'll see it isn't serious and it doesn't affect the general structure of your finances.


Your personal environment will be a source for energy and bliss where you can find support today. If you manage to get away from the bustling spiral of everyday life and enjoy some fun, humour-ridden moments from your friends or family, you'll be much happier individuals.

At the same time, you can share some of your optimism and good mood with others. That'll be your best therapy today to end a bit of a harsh week that's left you physically drained. Reload your energy field to start the upcoming week more strongly.