Full Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction for Thursday September 6th

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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Your brain activity works at a speedier pace today, and that's good because it brings many advantages from thinking efficiently, but it's also a problem because it makes you feel more overwhelmed about upcoming issues.

During your entire day, you'll run the risk of drowning in thoughts and overthinking through agonising thoughts. It'll be much better if you try to isolate yourselves and think of nicer things.

Still, as a point in your favour the stars are giving you positive vibrations that make you more optimistic than usual. This will be your weapon to scare away the ghosts and shadows of depression.


This is the perfect week for your career issues. The week is going especially well, and you have your full energy at the ready to work to the fullest and face your personal challenges. Your great vitality is leading you down the road to success and that makes you feel satisfied.

Today, rather than manual labour, you've got quite some development as far as your intellect is concerned. If you have to work, follow your reasoning skills and try to solve your issues through logic. Let's say that, on the other hand, your sense of smell isn't too good today and could lead to mistakes.

Besides, outside work you should try to enrich your spirit with wisdom, dwelling in knowledge and giving yourselves away to the pleasures of intellect. A good book or a movie that makes your brain stay active will be a good plan today.


Today's a day to stay quite alert to external aggressions that could bring you some discomfort into your body. You need to be especially careful with bugs and heat waves, trying to stay on guard against anything that could harm you.

On the other hand don't run unnecessary risks. If you need to drive, make sure all your senses point to the road to avoid getting unnecessary scares. You should also pay special attention to sudden moves, and if you do sport, watch out for muscle overload or possible accidents.

Going beyond that, your internal body mechanisms work perfectly, so you'll feel quite a lot of vitality inside. Use that good energy to stay on top of your good health.