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Personality is something you build across your whole life, Geminis, and not something fixed that you need to protect from external influences at all costs. If you keep this in mind today, your relationship could experience some serious growth and improve in certain areas with one goal: evolution.

Staying still implies stiffness and selfishness, it stops the flow of communication, generosity and the transition of feelings and emotions attempting to create the perfect united fit.

The consequences after that are arguments, dissatisfaction and a lack of communication, which leads the way into relationship issues and, eventually, break-ups. Start changing your personality today from a generous point of view.


Finding an outlet for your cultural and intellectual concerns will stop you from feeling like a slave in the middle of a machine that makes your life a routine. Feed your spirits and use your free time to do the activities that make you the most knowledgeable.

Dirty, grey work is what you need to survive, but all the while, it forces you to follow dreary routines that could turn your life into a boring, empty experience.

To avoid that from happening, you need to retake activities such as reading, music or movies. They'll not only make you have fun, but also relax and enrich your soul. 


Improving your looks and pampering yourselves are today's health goals for you, Geminis. These will help you boost your confidence and self-esteem, and will lead you to have a better mood and feel physically stronger.

Your body's healthy, Geminis; in fact, this week you'll get good news regarding certain results or the recovery from a minor issue you had been going through. Use that positive energy to improve certain habits and live a healthier life.

Among the things to improve, there's your looks. Giving some extra time to minor beauty tricks, like make-up, hair and clothes, will help you to feel better about yourselves and boosting some of the areas in your self-esteem.

Today you're in the perfect position to receive love rather than giving it; take this chance and let your loved ones love you back. A day full of pampering will raise your  mood to new, exciting heights.