Gemini Forecast for October 7

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Today's a day for you Geminis to enjoy the newfound good luck in your love life and friendships. This will help you open up your communication channels, which had been locked down a few days ago, and you'll be able to offer a more social personality.

Take this chance to meet new people who could give you lots of good things and strengthen your bond to your partner, if you have one, or your friends.


A job opening you recently heard about is constantly running through your mind and you can't sleep. Of course, you feel pressured and you don't know which way to go, and even though you tried to sort this issue out by forgetting it exists, it comes back to your mind over and over again.

Today, for better or worse, you need to get over those crippling doubts. And you have to do it because you'll be quite skilled at making choices today, and you'll have a very sharp criterion to get you out of trouble.

Besides, the stars will give you the calmness you need to make this choice. So you have enough time and peace to sit for a while and assess the pros and cons, and to try to choose what's best for you by pairing up courage and caution.


Today's a good day to think about your health as well. It wouldn't be too bad if you thought about how you've been feeling these last few days, your current discomfort or pains, and where have you improved.

Keeping up with the healthy habits that help you get stronger is still a priority now.

If you are Geminis who had a serious skin condition or somewhere else on the outer areas of your body, like your nails or hair, will see that it was nothing but a scare and everything's coming back to normal. If you have an annoying health issue inside, don't think twice and go to the doctor as soon as you can.

Attention, all Geminis with long-term partners: from time to time you need to go through check-ups to boost the safety in your intimate relationships. Something might have gone wrong in your sex life, but you don't need to feel overwhelmed just yet. Just go to the doctor for a thorough examination.