Horoscope for Those Born Under the Gemini Sign for Friday 7th September by Magic Horoscope

Prediction for Friday
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Geminis, you will feel especially sensitive today, which will lead you to being highly susceptible. You need to emphasise your control of reactions and your temperance in your relationships with others.

But watch out, Geminis; this altered state of feeling isn't a disadvantage, it's a chance to work on your spiritual domain. Learn from your emotions and enjoy everything you're offered. If you can handle them, you will have a very interesting day, with highly positive sensations.

Attention to all Geminis on a long-term relationship: you need to improve your attitude towards your partner and be fairer to them, and to do that you need to control your jealousy, which can lead to unwanted, ugly situations today.


Keeping up trust, hope and excitement is the key to succeed at work for Geminis today.

For those of you who have jobs, today you'll have an incident that'll make you worry and steal a good deal of the energy you had at the beginning of the day. It's most likely that it comes from going wrong when performing a task. This'll make you very worried.

It's time to show your inner winner's mentality and your ability to overcome adversity. It's time to set your optimistic mindset into motion and turn the situation around.

For our Gemini friends who are going through financial issues, try to emphasise increasing your income, but avoid temptations such as gambling and magic money-making formulae. And no miracle loans allowed! You'll soon find a way out of this.


Temptations of a rough life come up again as night falls, and they seem to be stronger than your willpower.

You've had a productive week both professionally and spiritually, and that makes you feel alive and ready to celebrate. You can get yourselves a treat, Geminis, but be moderate about it. Alcohol could bring consequences to your health tonight, and make you feel even worse tomorrow.

Besides, the day may end with strong headaches going on. Remember how dangerous it is to mix medications and alcohol.