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Gemini Magic Horoscope for December 8

Daily Prediction for Saturday
Gemini Daily Horoscope | MagicHoroscope.com



Geminis, this Saturday you'll find your sensitivity and spiritual reading skills for reality will be especially strong in all areas of life. When it comes to love, that means that you'll be seeing it platonically, and you'll tend to idealise the person you like and to seek the perfect relationship.

That forces you to find individuals with this same trend, because trying to create a spiritual and intellectual connection with someone born under a fire sign or with a very materialistic personality could induce disappointment and tension, due to incompatible points of view.

However, if you manage to connect with that person beyond physical passion and you both let go into a more romantic, deeper relationship, your pleasure will go beyond the flesh.


Anything that doesn't equal the aim for perfection to be successful will make you absolutely common, because the star forces of Jupiter over Mercury bring in a flux of prosperity which you need to take as a great chance to evolve professionally.

However, you don't need to constantly be thinking about money. Prosperity can also be assessed according to your qualities as an employer, the discovery of new talents, how efficient you are at tasks, and the genius that makes you unique.

It's a good moment for training, learning and being bold enough to develop new areas in your personality, to explore new fields of expertise at work that could offer you so much more. Don't let your potential go to waste.


If you have a day off on the weekends, you can use it to rest in order to reduce exhaustion and stress. However, sleeping for too long can be counterproductive, and also limit the huge flow of energy you have set aside for today.

In this situation, you need to find balance so that creative drive finds some room to move, and in order to do that you need to get up reasonably early and avoid napping.

That'll make you feel especially full with an inner force that will drive and lead your day, aside from bringing you into a pleasing, satisfying state, which is much more rewarding than sleeping life away.




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