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The blessings of achievement given by Neptune's influence are on a direct path towards success, which has an advantage and a negative consequence: victory and pride.

Victory will grant you self-esteem, indulgence and virtue, and it will send you down the road of self-confidence, which is always a powerful souce of trust and fulfilment.

Besides, who knows? This could be the day to finally find someone who fills the void in your heart.

But watch out, you're running the risk of taking the wrong role, piling up on too much pride and self-indulgence, and end up being arrogant and cause counterproductive consequences. Recognise your genius from a humble point of view. Be yourselves.


Geminis, there's an upward trend for productive economy in your stationary phase. It can set satisfying foundations for the first profits after swapping strategies. The main priority is to keep things as they are now.

With the current planet fluctuation, it'd be a risk to take on too many changes; it's best to keep growing through long-term strategies and to base your actions on the cold reality of numbers, not the hot and sweaty risk of emotions.

For Gemini job hunters, there'll be some highly interesting openings, although far from what you'd really like to work on. It's time to give practicality a chance: fitting into any job, no matter if it seems far from what you've trained for, is a first interesting step in a road of progress.


Replacing sadness with joy and transforming exhaustion into energy is a complex process you'll manage to do thanks to your ruling planet's energy influx and the stars' arrangement, which gives you extra power and an ability to overcome adversity.

But be careful, because Neptune's influence could outshine your recovery; as the unofficial sponsor of addictions and bad habits (such as drugs, for instance), its influence on your orbit forces you to pay attention to these lurking dangers now more than ever.

At some points in your day you might feel tempted, but you need to be aware of the inner strength that makes you take the right path and give long-term consequences priority rights.