Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Your heart's saying this, and your head's saying that, and you spend long hours thinking, meditating and suffering without making a final choice. Fortunately, sometimes stars are in your favour and give you a bit of a push.

And today is one of those days. When it comes to love, if you needed a sign, you'll definitely get it today; you just have to follow it and let intuition be your guide. You're quite likely to make the right choice.

But from now on, you can't and mustn't look behind. Clinging to this choice as a safe haven will do nothing else but hook you to your past without letting you move on. Trust your choice and keep your hopes for the future high.

Geminis in long-term relationships will feel like everything's shiny and new today, at the top of their excitement scale.


You'll have to pinch your arm to know whether it's real or not, but from the very first minute, good luck will influence your economy and work today, and your professional life will have an important boost behind it.

Good news at work will come one after another, and aside from good vibrations with your colleagues and managers, you'll get more than satisfying results for the job you've been performing lately.

In fact, all of this is just the result of your effort, perseverance and strength in the darkest times. That winner's mentality is giving you great results.

You need to keep going down this track, without giving up on the humility that's taken you this far. Now's the time to reap your rewards, enjoy and keep your current attitude going.


Geminis, today music will be your best companion. Listen to your favourite music in your car, in the bus, at home... That'll fill you up with energy and you'll face your challenges and chores with a much better mood.

When socialising with others, make sure you always keep a low, constant tone, with no sudden changes. There'll be times when you feel tempted to start a fight.

Just breathe in and keep calm. Today, nothing can break your happiness.