Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Saturday 8th September

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Change the way you look at your relationship, Geminis. Obviously there's something going wrong, and probably you need a shift in perspectives. During this weekend, try to make some changes which you could base on how important your feelings and your reason are on their own.

The problem is that lately your relationship is based on emotions too much, and you're putting all the weight into passion, feelings, instincts and guts, and when that goes out of control, you're unable to take the reins and everything just flies off the cliff.

Try putting the weight of your relationship into reason, into socialising with your partner in a more relaxed, controlled way, into facing challenges with intelligence and analysis. Cooling the relationship down will do you some good.


Today will be quite a productive day for Geminis, partly because of the good results that make you feel satisfied and proud of yourselves. That needs to be a first-rank energy source that encourages you to stay on that impetuous track.

Today's a day to tidy up your workspace a little, do some cleaning, checking your mail, putting your things in order and organising them, planning upcoming events, making lists and inventory registries... All in all, it's the perfect day to take a breath without quitting your work: do the things you never find time to do.

The positive energy from your good results will give you an extra boost that you can use to work harder and more efficiently. You're on a good dynamic track, Geminis, take the chance.


Attention to all Geminis with blood pressure problems: today could be a day for ups and downs in your blood pressure which will make you feel dizzy and light-headed at different points of your day. If you take any medication, remember it's important not to forget about it, and if things don't get better, go straight to the doctor.

For Geminis in general, your day will go by quite calmly, aside from some sections of the day where your mood will be lower, and this could mean you might get stressed. But your overall health is more than good.

Try to do some exercise to burn off toxins and get rid of that excessive stress.