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Gemini Daily Prediction for 9 December

Sunday's Gemini Forecast
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The presence of harmful individuals in your life is threatening your wellness. You've finally found balance inside, and you've done an introspective job within to be a better person every day. But you forgot that you're not living alone in the process.

Every day, you socialise with people; in your family, at work, around your building, with friends... This means you're constantly exposed to highly positive energy currents, but also to betrayal, disappointment and frustration you need to face maturely.

Sometimes you think it's enough to ignore those evil presences and be more selective about the people you think you could get along with the best. But today, you'll have to put your foot down against certain attitudes and bring out your inner beast to defend your honour and principles. Putting your foot down every now and then helps you set a home ground.


Don't be afraid of offering criticism openly against a shared task where you've always been imposed a different point of view. Being nice and condescending is okay to avoid conflict and reduce tension and stress, but it always brings disappointment in the long run.

If you're taking on a task, you might feel slow and unwilling, and sometimes even unable to overcome certain effort barriers. Everything feels like an uphill battle and the slightest obstacle appears impossible to dodge.

Therefore, Geminis, this Sunday you have to step up against other people's abuse and be more indulgent to yourselves; if you don't feel ready to keep up the pace of the whole week, take a break.


The pain on your chest doesn't necessarily connect to a heart attack or a chest angina; and those heavy headaches don't necessarily mean a tumour is coming.

Your current insecurities and daily life's challenges make you think that your issues are bigger than they actually are, and you fall into hypochondria, thus creating an unnecessary sense of alarm and negativity.

There's nothing serious going on, Geminis. It's just some muscle pain or maybe a crack on your ribs what's causing you that concern; and that head pressure could just be stress-induced. Don't fear the worst!


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