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The power of love is a double-edged sword which threatens to keep you under the dictatorship of high-running emotions. Don't give up on the emotions that make you feel alive, but always try to keep control of your feelings and dominate them with that dash of sanity if you.

Coldness can get you out of trouble and avoid your day from becoming a mass of emotional chaos with dangerous ups-and-downs, and a sense of inner imbalance that could ruin your goals.

The risk of mistaking passion for love could get you into a pinch that will be hard to escape from. You need to clearly define the boundaries that set attraction apart from other deeper emotions.


Thinking about the same thing over and over will be an obstacle for making goals come true. Being decisive implies trusting your choices and putting them into action quickly. Admitting to mistakes and optimising successes are the perfect complements for agility and its consequences.

This strategy will lead you down the road of success, and that's where you need to settle without letting passiveness kick in; today your ambition will be rewarded, Geminis. Develop your most perfectionist and punctilious personality, your endless thirst for success. Outshine others with your genius.

You'll be especially inspired for out-of-work projects: fixing things around the house, awakening your creativity or doing some extra work could turn this Friday into quite the productive day.


Your quickness and reaction abilities will allow you to sort out any upcoming issues. If you take plenty of medications, analyse which ones you can get rid of and lower down the level of chemicals in your body; start making room for natural therapies to boost your health.

Your respiratory system should take first place on your priority scale today. Do lung exercises and cleanse your respiratory system by doing breathing exercises and physical activity.

Foods with plenty of vitamins C and E, nuts and green tea are quite appropriate additions for this situation. Also, you should avoid excessively salty foods.

Your need to stay active and giving your energy an outlet should be compatible with prevention.