Gemini Magic Horoscope for October 9

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You've been feeling the need to start a process of change lately, Geminis, and that might lead you to act in a rush, especially today. Your unbridled drive and uncontrolled impulses could end up making you feel blocked and frustrated.

That's because the planets' arrangement is holding you back. It's creating a sense of resistance against that change, and places you in a sticky situation that doesn't allow for transformations.

Your ruling planet's regression could lead to confusion and painful failure.

The time has come for introspection and consolidation to occur. It's time to keep things together and maintain them. Soon you'll get new occasions and spaces to expand and get bigger, to transform and improve. But now it's time to be safe and sure, to keep your head cool and your nerves steely.


Your mood could easily affect your performance at work today, so you need to make your best effort to avoid that from happening. Try to be professional and double your attention and focus from the very first minute.

Also, you need to reflect on how you've been doing work lately, because it's obvious that your willingness and training need to improve.

If you're looking for a way to extend your training in your current field of expertise, you'll increase your resource base to carry out your duties and you'll improve your professional profile in the end. At a short to medium term, that could give you great results and help you progress in the business world.

Look at it as an investment and a motivational element to make you work more intensely.


Mental fatigue could be quite the annoying manifestation for Geminis today, and in some way, it threatens to make you weak before you can face the day's challenges.

You'll feel much better after having a full breakfast with iron and vitamin-based foods. You need lots of strength to start the day with a good dose of extra energy.

Avoid arguments with others and negative situations in general. Instead, find a friend to have a shoulder to lean on when you feel sad and tired, because it'll do wonders for you. Friendship will be your best ally in raising your mood today.