Magic Horoscope December   | Monthly Horoscope


Love: Beauty is skin deep

On the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of December, go on a trip with your partner and find balance in budding love. The week from the 3rd to the 9th will be all about spiritual growth, and the need to set your eyes on the future prize: on Tuesday, don't dwell in past traumatic experiences.

Relationship issues and inner conflicts on the 5th and 7th will force you to grow up in order to face certain conversations and avoid trickery. On the 6th, you'll realise you're more powerful than you thought, and that change starts within: connect with the universe.

On the weekend of the 8th and 9th, find deep relationships that help you grow. As far as love is concerned, December is a month to find deep relationships that give you something beyond physical enjoyment. On the 10th, you'll come to realise this from a heartbroken point of view.

On the 13th you're entering a much more sensitive period, which is reinforced from the 19th onwards, when the influence of the moon opens up a much more serious need for love. On the 24th, the magic of love will bring someone new into your life, don't let this chance slip by.

Around halfway through the week, on the 11th, 14th and 15th, you'll need to get away from conflicts and toxic individuals, and you'll be much readier to surround yourselves with kind souls and positive people.

The week from the 24th to the 30th will be highly rewarding as far as friendship is concerned: your sensitivity and the arrival of important individuals who fill up your soul with goodness will come along hand in hand to guide you through the path of personal evolution.

Money: From unstability to hope

On the weekend opening up December, pressure from your environment and some failures will interrupt the upward trend of your finances and bring about a sense of despair. The week from the 3rd to the 9th starts off by flirting with risk and jumpscares.

On Tuesday, there'll be the confirmation of a turbulent, unstable period, as unexpected expenses come along in early December. From the 6th onwards, you'll see that only by working hard and sharpening your wits you'll manage to get out of this sticky situation.

On the weekend of the 8th and 9th, find your potential in learning and going bold.

From the week of the 9th to the 16th, there's more control and discipline at work, and the 12th will be a highly productive day as far as agility and resourcefulness are concerned. From the weekend of the 15th and 16th on, there's some blockage that will make you stop and take a break.

After the week of the 17th, you'll reinforce your satisfaction about a well-done job, emphasizing your achievements against others' criticism, and the improvements around work with teamwork and a more optimistic perspective as guides.

The week of the 24th to 30th will be key to set new projects, plan and organise, and take new challenges where you should be more ambitious. You have great potential, and you should embrace the incoming new year with hope and new perspectives under your arm.

Health: Time for plenitude

December starts with stomach ache and period issues for the ladies, because according to the stars' prediction, on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd there's pain about to come aiming at your stomach and the area right below it.

The first few days will go by with some infection and cold-induced problems, although the arrival of positive energy from the stars will boost your plenitude from the 4th onwards. Despite some minor discomfort such as coughing or back ache, your health will strengthen up.

On the weekend of the 8th and 9th, you should focus on reducing stress and resting better.

Halfway through the week, it's very important to care for your teeth and watch out for excess on the days close to Christmas. Pay attention to muscle pain on the 13th, and home accidents on the 14th.

On the 15th, low sugar levels could induce dizziness and even make you faint.

Sleep quality will be urgent on the 17th and 18th, but on a general scope, from the 19th and 20th onwards, there's a stage where you'll feel more energised than ever and you should create the appropriate environment to send those good vibrations to others, as you nourish from their energy field all the while.

The 23rd and 26th are especially critical excess-wise: watch out for alcohol and binge eating.