Magic Horoscope November   | Monthly Horoscope


Love: Be humble and generous to evolve

This November you've got new perspectives in your human relationships which will allow you to evolve towards a more elevated state in friendship and love. That means that you should boost your humility and generosity.

This start of the month, friendship will be a supporting pillar: on some days, like Friday the 2nd, it'll be more important than love as your starting point on the path to emotional recovery. On the 4th, when standing on the verge of betrayal, you should appreciate what you've already got better than what you could get or not.

On Tuesday the 6th, secret lives and love triangles will make you insecure again, and on the 5th, you'll start the week feeling you need a break to get your energy back. From then on, you can evolve through generosity and humility.

On the 10th, friendship and love will be a great source of energy, and on the 11th you'll be forced to bring back your true Geminian essence. Inner growth will progress on the week from the 12th to the 18th, with close attention on the 13th, as someone inspiring will show up and help you find inner peace.

The last bit of the month will be about finding strength within to avoid moping around, especially on the 20th. On Thursday the 22nd, be humble and find comfort in the arms of a friend or getting together with your partner. The 27th and 29th will be very special days, and you might have to make important decisions for your life.

Work: Go back to being consistent

Your genius breaks as the smart and bold Geminis that you are could take you to get dangerously comfortable this November. Change self-indulgence for consistency.

Your success depends on how well you'll take a humble position from Thursday the 1st, where you'll see how productive it is to repeat a task as many times as it takes. The week will go by with new challenges every day, and your intuition will be your key weapon. The week from the 5th to the 11th comes with some ups and downs which force you to stay alert.

On Tuesday the 6th, for instance, bad luck and mistrust will make you lose your self-esteem. Use the extra smarts given by the stars. On Thursday the 8th there's a boost in your finances with the arrival of new, juicy profits, which forces you to keep your consistency up.

You'll reach the halfway point of the month with some physical and mental exhaustion which will make you take a break and change your perspective. On the 15th, set the family finances straight and use your power to take on adversity all together: boost a sense of solidarity. On the weekend of the 17th and 18th, give rest priority.

Collectedness, taking constructive criticism on board and being pragmatic will set the trend for the week of the 19th to the 25th, where you must pay attention on the 21st (when some foul investment results encourage you to take a halt) and the 22nd (when betrayal at work will force you to protect your achievements).

The last week of November will be about reflecting and agreeing on new strategies.

Health: Pay closer attention to your health

There's no serious issues in store for you this November, but you will feel like you're giving up on taking care of your health. It's time to boost the attention you pay to your body.

Exploring your own body, especially for our Gemini ladyfriends, marks the start of November. You'll go through an infection on the 2nd and progress into the need of boosting prevention through hygiene and balancing out your mind and body.

In fact, on the week of the 5th to the 11th, you'll evolve through mental strength: on the 5th, fight back pessimism and activate your body to fight depression. On the 6th, read through your nightmares to find your spiritual needs, and on the 8th, turn sadness into happiness and exhaustion into energy.

The halfway point of the month is slightly more complex to deal with: you'll have bowel movement issues on the 13th, and lower back pain on the 14th. You'll also experience high blood pressure on the 16th.

On Sunday the 18th and Monday the 19th, the pain will transfer into your muscles and bones, with sharp pain in your joints and bones which will reappear on the weekend of the 24th and 25th. The 21st will be the peak point of a process where you'll realise you need to take better care of yourselves.

Time and organisation are essential to take care of your body. The last week of the month things will go back to normal and everything will be calm and peaceful, but don't forget how important it is to pay attention to your body.