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Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction for October

Your Gemini predictions for October 2018
October Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Avoid major changes

Overcoming the emotional difficulties that you'll encounter early this month will be essential to strengthen your inner selves and have a closer relationship to your dearest ones and your partner.

This will be quite necessary when days like the 12th come around, when you'll take the first step into a cycle of emotional chaos, or the 19th, when your love life will tumble and you'll be entering an unstable stage. As the month goes by you'll have a chance to look behind and learn from the most valuable lessons from your past, such as the 15th.

All in all, it'll be a month made more for friendship than love, and although some days the stars will give you that extra bit of luck in flirting and the bit of romance that's missing in your life, you should focus on your inner selves and avoid major changes and transformations.

On the 11th, for instance, your friends and family will be your shelter. On the 16th you need to devote some time to your happiness, and the next day, your intensity in love will affect a new date, or your partner if you're in a relationship. On the 20th you need to enlarge your friends' circle.

The week from the 22nd to 28th will be a week of conflict for your social ties, with heated arguments with your friends and partner. It'll be a week to grow spiritually and personally.

Money: Progress and fortune

October will be a positive month for Geminis financially, with two clear trends: lucky investments and progress at work.

The first week will be sort of unstable, with some minor bumps in your economy road and bad luck at work. But on Monday the 8th, your financial good luck starts, and on the 10th everything's working for you to take up a brand new project with excitement and confidence.

Around the end of that week you should be a bit more disciplined at work, but financially, you'll be able to enjoy your growth and get yourselves some treats. Professionally speaking, you'll have to try harder to improve on the week of the 15th to 21st, and the 20th will be the perfect day to set some new challenge and expectation goals.

Although you might feel sort of anxious at work those days, on the week of the 22nd to 28th there's a change in trends, and your better willingness to work is more noticeable. Expectations will improve, profits will come and you'll get to a higher position.

Your key day will be the 23rd, when self-confidence will get you to get a great job at an interview.

Health: Improve your environment

This month you'll realise that, despite some ailments, you're perfectly fine and fit. Maybe some days you'll feel sort of weak, and perhaps your immune system will be vulnerable to a cold and flu (watch out for the 10th, 15th and 26th!), but all in all, you'll feel strong enough.

On the 14th, for instance, you'll have a better ability to restore your motion systems, and on the 17th, your vitamin and iron levels will increase, thus making your organ regeneration capacity grow. Taking care of good habits and staying active will be a must.

Music will be a good travel partner this month, Geminis, because it'll help you stay active and mentally positive. Being in a good mood will be your best therapy.

But this month, you definitely need to set your life straight, make your social environment more stable, and on top of it all, meditate and relax more through improving your environment.

Your key date will be the 19th, when the stars will invite you to find out about the benefits of Feng-Shui, an Asian-born therapy which is all about redoing and redecorating your home to find inner harmony. On Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th, your environment will also be a powerful source of energy to face the upcoming month.

October 24th will also be a very special day for your personal and spiritual growth thanks to the stars.

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