September Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Ongoing evolution

Geminis, on September you will have to do some serious work in your inner world to find a sense of evolution in your spirits that makes you overcome all adversity. In some way, all the improvements you'd experienced last month will start crumbling, but you still have lots of strength and resources available to get rid of those problems.

Your first week will be positive, with moments filled with overflowing optimism and a special sensitivity which, if used correctly, could help you check on some relationship issues in order to do progress. On the 5th you should take quite some care of your partner, and the 1st and 8th will be good to bring some reason into your relationship.

The regression stage of your feelings will grow intense from the 10th with serious doubts that'll make everything tumble. The days that follow are a time for emotional ups and downs that will require you to control the situation and find the renewal stage that comes around on the 15th.

On the second half of the month the stars will send you signs and resources to use whatever chance you get and improve things from your personality to feel better. You'll get a chance to feel free, to find your mission for others, expand your friends' circle and perhaps even find love again. However, there'll be some intervals when you'll feel down in the dumps until the end of the month, in expectancy for a change of cycle in October.

Money: Overcome yourselves

Things won't be good at first, but the month's balance is positive, which means you might have to face some adversity, but you're guaranteed to succeed.

Although things will start on a low note this September, and you'll feel tempted to get frustrated and let yourselves go with a blue mood when trouble comes, things will turn around on the 6th: you'll feel vitality and the will to overcome yourselves propping you up, and on the 8th you'll start seeing some good results.

Your good vibrations also bring around good luck, which will peak on the 10th: it'll be the perfect day for investments and gambling.

Although stability will be the general tone for the whole month and we can't talk about an expansion period just yet, on the 14th you'll get extra income that will inject some optimism and growth into your finances. The second half of the month will be a bit more negative, although in some days like the 22nd and 24th you'll be able to take a chance to recover.

Health: A month to boost some areas

August was especially good for Geminis regarding health, because you perfected some areas and improved what was going wrong. The results are in: you have both mental and physical all-around wellness.

September's keyword is maintentance. There'll be minor issues that, although not really dangerous for you, will force you to keep your barriers up. Take it as a minor warning.

Your throat will be troublesome on the 4th and come back on the 12th. On the week of the 10th to 16th, you have to be especially careful with your nerves and get back to a better, more disciplined diet, especially considering that you should have all nutrients you need. During the first half of the month you also need to control your alcohol intake and blood pressure.

During the second half of the month you'll feel that the mental strength you had for the whole rest of the month will get stronger, and your health is best than ever. All of this will peak on the 26th, when you'll find a connection between physical health and mental harmony by reaching a level of good feelings and relaxation that you'd been looking for during a long time.