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Gemini Weekly Prediction for 1-7 October

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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The end of the week will be fantastic. You will share it with your loved ones and good vibes. On Sunday, love will knock on your door, and you have to be ready.

But ever since the week starts, you will be desperate for a steady love life. You will feel frustrated more than once.

You need to improve your self-esteem and stop blaming yourself if you want to face those problems. On Tuesday avoid friends and spend time with your partner.

On Wednesday, try to stay away from bad vibes and attract good ones. Look for steadiness on Thursday, and fight for that impossible love story on Friday.


This week will have difficult moments, Gemini. But you have to face them with strength and discipline. On Thursday your job will be in danger, and your economy will start going down. But the real critical situation will arrive on Friday, for your investments won't go as you expected.

However, the stars will be sending you good vibes for you to find help and motivation to work with more energy by the beginning of the week. On Tuesday the slow pace of your projects may discourage you, but you have to face it with strength and confidence.

The stars encourage you to take it easy this Friday. Saturday will also be a day to disconnect and relax, for Sunday you will receive an offer that will require that you are peaceful and composed so that you can make the best choice.


Your state of mind will be very important by the beginning of the week. On Monday you need to stop making excuses and cheer up. Face the day with joy and energy. Only successful minds win.

However, your mind may play a trick on you. Some symptoms may lead you to think that you have a serious illness. If you are somewhat hypochondriac, relax and act rationally.

As the week goes by, your environment will be key to your wellbeing. You need to adapt your home space to feel relaxed. You can also start doing meditation and relaxing exercises.

You have to watch out for smoking. Perhaps it's time to start a detoxification process.

Wednesday will be a very special day to regain your sexual activity and make the most of the many benefits of sex. Fill yourself with your friends and family's good vibes this weekend.


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