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Gemini Weekly Prediction for 10-16 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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Although the fact that your attraction is blocked and that it may make you feel frustrated, start the week with a positive attitude and try to value the people who bring you something good. The small details, on Tuesday, will make you realize that life is something wonderful.

On Wednesday, try to pay attention to your closest friends, those that will always be there for you. The fact that you have more friends now doesn't have to mean that you have to lose them. Take care of them too so that this doesn't happen. On Wednesday, let yourself be pampered, Gemini! Benefit from the vitality and good vibes of hugs.

You will have to face the final days of the week listening to hurtful criticisms that you will have to ignore and stay only with constructive comments from the people around you. On the weekend, stay away from conflict situations, and give intelligent answers.


Be careful with the lack of equilibrium in your economy by the beginning of the week: if you spend too much, indebtedness is not an option for you. At work, you will be extremely relaxed at first, which forces you to remember the codes of hierarchy and the pressing need for effort.

Fortunately, on Wednesday the stars bless you with an unusual agility at work: it's up to you to take advantage of it to improve. You have to harden your attitude if you want to keep your job and your personal space safe. Also, if you want to succeed in business you should take this advice.

Be careful, don't become arrogant. On Friday you will find out that, in order to be a good leader, you need justice and virtue. On Saturday, your brain will be somewhat blocked, and on Sunday you need to pause your pace when it comes to working.


On Monday you will have some problems with your teeth. Milk, carrots, cranberries, and celery will help you improve the situation. On Tuesday, turn your electronic devices off and enjoy other activities breathing fresh air.

On Wednesday, make an effort for not losing the control that you achieved when it comes to your healthy habits, especially your diet. You will have muscle aches again, and on Thursday you should consider visiting a chiropractor.

You will be a bit clumsy by the weekend, Gemini, so be careful with household and work-related accidents. Have a good breakfast to avoid the risk of getting low blood sugar. Try not to take caffeine, nicotine, or other harmful substances.

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