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This week you will feel the need to take control over yourself, to gain maturity and increase your self-esteem. By the beginning of the week you will feel less anxious, but by the weekend you will enter a negative dynamism against which you'll have to fight.

On Monday you have to start knowing your limitations and learn to love you just the way you are. On Tuesday, use your humbleness to accept the good vibes of someone very close to you.

On Wednesday avoid being influenced by your heart's needs. Take control of your private life. Sometimes, this carries consequences, and on Thursday you will feel that your personal projects clash with your partner's ideas.

On Friday you can search for new energy and good vibes in new friends, so widen your friends' relationships. You can't help to have bad days every once in a while, like Saturday, for example. However, you have to find calm and equilibrium. On Sunday your self-destructive routine will continue.


There is a secret to begin the week with energy even though you are exhausted. Find shortcuts to do the same job with less effort. Dust off your hidden talents. This personality can help you, on Thursday, to correct some mistakes.

On Wednesday, follow the path of concentration and seriousness, and you will notice how little by little things at work are improving. On Thursday make the most to being an efficient worker, but don't get obsessed about being the best. On the other hand, teamwork will be an added value.

As far as your accounts are concerned, this Thursday it will be good for you to share your financial situation with your partner, both of you can find solutions to the current situation.

Face the weekend with optimism: on Friday you will realize that you have to take a step further at work even if you feel tired. On Saturday you will feel the need for rest, and on Sunday you have to face your material needs from and ethic and moral point of view.


Diet and healthy habits are key to overcome your problems this week.

Exhaustion appears on Monday and if you are not careful you will drag it all week, but what you don't know is that there is a magical remedy available: ginger. Also, a diet based on bananas, nuts and legumes will give you high doses of iron, magnesium and vitamins.

That tiredness can be transferred, on Tuesday, to your intestinal health, which you can improve with fruit and cereals, and on Wednesday to the lower back, affecting the lumbar and kidneys. Be very careful with postures at work.

To improve your sleep, on Thursday, move to a lighter diet. On Friday blood pressure and circulatory problems warn you to take care of your body, and on the weekend the situation will improve, and you will only with suffering the consequences of the hangover.

On Sunday, being active and moving can change the negative trend of the whole week.