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The planets' position helps you look back to learn from your past mistakes. Monday won't be the perfect day for love, but to focus on your inner self. On Tuesday you'll listen to your heart rather than your mind. Your happy moment is now. On Wednesday, if you are single, dare to go on a date. If you are in a relationship, try to recover the passion that you first experienced.

You'll be in a good mood on Tuesday, but you still have to make an effort to be extroverted. Don't be afraid of being the center of attention! That will improve your self-esteem. On Friday you will feel emotionally unstable. Find the support you need in your loved ones.

On Saturday, don't be afraid of failure, for it makes us humans. And on Sunday, try to look for success but always with your feet on the ground.


The week is full of adversities at first, but you can always change your point of view and decide how you want to face them.

On Monday it will be hard at work, but if you show your smile and improve communication with your coworkers, everything will be easier. On Wednesday somebody wants to make you fail at work: try to find out what's going on and protect yourself.

On Tuesday you will realize that you are too obsessed with your job, and you don't see that there is plenty of positive vibes outside of work.

Beware: on Thursday Gemini will suffer from a regression in their economy. It's best to avoid investments by now. On Friday you will have to manage your accounts and finances. Try to rest during the weekend, but set new challenges and expectations for the future.


You need to begin the week with energy and dynamism: get down to work, you'll have to face new important challenges.

On Monday Gemini will suffer from cramps, but that can be solved by resting more and better. This is your first challenge of the week. You can also notice that you are starting to catch a cold. Take measures to avoid it.

On Tuesday you'll feel better but you should probably visit your eye doctor. On Wednesday you will feel tired again, and that may be an indicator that you have iron deficiency in your body.

Thursday and Friday you need to avoid working so hard. Be careful with making efforts and carrying heavy weights. On Friday we recommend that you get into the Feng-Shui techniques to improve your environment and relax through home decoration.

Your headaches will be a problem on Saturday, so you better spend a quiet weekend. On Sunday you could spend some time with your family.