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Start the week enhancing your Gemini's personality, taking your relationships to an intellectual level, entering that naughty game you like. However, don't succumb to the impulse that Fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo) can fatally introduce into your life, for it will unbalance your emotions.

To assert your personality also means to avoid consoling yourself through other people's failures. You have to find the strength within you to overcome it.

By the middle of the week, complicity and honesty will bring you closer to your partner in such a special way that you will recover old feelings. The self-control that the stars demanded at the beginning of the week will be substituted on Thursday by the transmission of affection to your friends.

You will face the weekend with the need to recover the natural course of your love life. On Friday you have to let everything flow and not try to calculate and organize everything. Your ability to seduce will be at its highest levels on Saturday, but again, on Sunday, you will have to seek happiness somewhere beyond passion.


Planets demand prudence and control of emotions in business and economy. On Monday, any precipitation can be fatal, and you must assume the slowness of the recovery, and that will make you feel desperate.

This calm will help temper your nerves for Tuesday's hectic day. You will be under pressure and that will make you prone to error and precipitation. On Wednesday, the situation worsens with the complication of some commercial operations: get a better assessment and give a break to your investments.

On Thursday you will suffer the consequences of the accumulation of frustration and stress: you will feel weak and vulnerable. Many people will also want to destroy you, so focus on protecting your achievements and your honor. This may change on Friday, thanks to pragmatism and mental agility.

On Saturday you have to find the balance between the will to pull your projects forward and the need for rest and leisure with your loved ones. On Sunday you will leave behind a terrible week to forget thanks to the new energy flow that awakens your creativity.


Whenever you have more work and are more motivated, the week begins with muscle and joints pain. Osteoarthritis discomfort can be tackled with home remedies such as macerated avocado.

For Tuesday's busy day use natural remedies to improve your mood, but be careful not to become an addict to certain medications. On Wednesday you will feel tired, especially on your legs

On Thursday, thyroid problems can appear, which you can solve with natural remedies: lemon balm, licorice, echinacea, black walnut or fucus. In fact, antibiotics can weaken your body on Friday.

Optimism and activity will be the best medicine for Saturday's muscle aches, and you can end the week doing some outdoor exercise.