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This week you need to widen your social life. You better focus your energies on meeting new people and avoid having arguments.

Show a more dynamic image of yourself on Tuesday, that will help you reach success. Sometimes life is a play, and you have to wear the proper mask. On Wednesday you may be involved in an argument with some friends. Focus on positive dialogues and be calm.

Take care of your family and your friends, because that will reinforce your happiness circle, improving your self-esteem. On Friday you should stay away from routine and try improvisation. 

By the weekend you have to focus your attention on people who have positive effects on you. Collect good vibes to face the last day of the week. On Sunday you will have strong arguments with your partner that will break your harmony.


Pragmatism and self-confidence are key to success this week. You will get good news at work.

Thursday will be the best day of the week: your accounts will get profits if you have enough courage. On Friday you will get good news at work that implies a promotion, and therefore more responsibilities.

On Saturday try to stick to your set goals and redefine your strategies to reach excellence. This weekend will be key to move forward, but it's best that you spend the Sunday resting.

If you start the week avoiding fantasies and non-realistic ideas you will make the most of it. On Tuesday you will mix success and self-trust. This improvement process completes on Wednesday, when you will change your methods for better results.


Lack of iron levels and vitamins make you feel weak and it is difficult for you to face this new week. However, on Wednesday the Moon will be protecting you, and the stars are inviting you to dream about your spiritual growth.

Tuesday will be a special day for Gemini to improve the sexual rapport with their partner and that they find out new passions. Again on Saturday the cosmic energies invite you to find the pleasure of sex beyond passion.

Be careful on Thursday: your dry skin can lead to skin rash and eczema. Try moisturizing more. On Friday your body will feel weak again. Your priority should be preventing colds. Avoid excesses on Sunday.