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Gemini Weekly Prediction for 24-30 September

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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You will start the week with unexpected low mood in love matters. But you need to make the most of your emotional downfall: it's time to build a new stronger emotional state. On Tuesday you will have to set yourself free from your ties and seek in freedom the development of your best skills.

On Thursday you will realize that in order to improve your relationship with your environment you need to start by changing some things within yourself. Being more sympathetic will help you make more friends.

On Wednesday you will come to believe that it doesn't make sense to fall in love. Love makes you waste too much energy, and you currently need it for your personal growth. Sunday will be full of flirting and casual relationships that may end up making your life complicated. If you are in a steady relationship, this weekend will be perfect to deepen in your stability as a couple.


The week will start prosperously. You will have new chances in the professional field that will make you feel leader-like. However, on Tuesday handicraft will not be the most appropriate thing for a Gemini. You'd better focus on business and trade, which currently offer you a promotion.

Some stars point out that by the middle of the week you need to listen if you want your business to develop properly. You have to strengthen your personality and your tightness when it comes to business, as long as you don't trespass any honor and moral limits. You have to be tough and cover yourself.

On Monday, a recession process will start in home economics. This will make costs rise, and your income low. You have to take more care than ever. On Thursday some contingencies will make the situation even worse. By the weekend the situation will have changed, but only if you get to leave your fears behind and get on with it.


Watch out for tripping, accidents, and mishaps at the beginning of the week, Gemini, because you can get seriously hurt. Be especially aware of everything you do and, if possible, reduce physical activity as much as you can. It's time to be careful.

Make sure that you get 8 hours of sleep for your body to recover. Otherwise, you could have bad results. On Wednesday laryngitis can make your day complicated and prevent you from carrying out your routine. Avoid chemical products and give alternative medicine a chance.

The week will end as it started: with some ailment and tendency for mishaps at home, which could end up with a fracture or a sprain if you don't watch out.



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