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Start the week by enhancing your relationship's energy, trying to look at the less obvious things that make you fall in love with your partner again. A good way is to get to know the person again and look for the intellectual and spiritual connection...

The recovery of the essences of love will make you live a Tuesday full of happiness and falling in love again. Strengthen this new love and protect it from external threats.

On Wednesday focus more on yourself and overcome the weaknesses of your spirit through mindfulness and inner balance. This personal crisis can affect your self-esteem on Thursday, but you must find the solution in common sense. Long conversations and confessions will be the best conjugal therapy on Friday.

Shared activities, such as a trip, can be a good solution for the weekend, which will be refreshing and positive, especially for those Gemini who are falling in love.


Discouragement and laziness are your worst enemies at the start of the week, Gemini, where you must show dynamism and adaptation to changes. On Tuesday go one step further and use your creative genius and get moving by showing initiative.

There is nothing worse for you than having money in your hands, Gemini, that's why on Wednesday economic growth demands responsibility and moderation. On Thursday, those who have trouble finding work must improve confidence and maintain their constancy in the search.

The doubts and insecurities at work demand, on Friday, confidence and self-trust. On Saturday stop your investments and operations to recover strength. End the week with the same need for activity and dynamism with which you started it: on Sunday get moving.


On Monday you might need some vitamin supplements to face a week that demands all your energy: try the benefits of ginger. On Tuesday you will feel full physical strength and recovery from muscular pain. You know you can always benefit from exercise to improve those aspects.

In the middle of the week, on Wednesday, some sleep problems will appear, and you will also feel some of those ailments that are difficult to confess, but you overcome shame and go to the doctor.

On Thursday, your body connects with your mind in a very special way. Faith in healing, optimism and trust, joy and happiness, will be the best medicines. On Friday you need to look for small challenges for stimulation.

Consider ginger as a good natural remedy on Saturday, when stomach ache reappears. Your hormonal cycle can cause menstrual cramps at the end of the week.