Gemini Weekly Prediction for 29 October-4 November

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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- Love
- Money
- Health


This week there's a month change but your goals are still the same: recover your self-control, look for introspection and maturity, and handle certain emotions and feelings to make you grow and feel better. That means that you have to focus a little bit less on your social life.

Lowering the pace will help you contextualize. On Monday you will have to face your duties with serenity and responsibility, and on Tuesday the stars invite you to break your routine to find passion and hope in improvisation.

By the middle of the week you have to start an inner renovation that will help you get rid of some bad habits and that will make you feel better. Self-esteem, honesty, and sincerity will help you overcome some adversities that you will have to face on Thursday.

Actually, on Friday you will find out that love is not what fills your life, but friendship. Even if Sunday you may risk it all choosing betrayal, on Saturday you will have a new opportunity to carry on new activities surrounded by your friends.


The circle change at the beginning of this month could disrupt Gemini's plans. Monday will be an important day, and you can forget about the world and only focus on your money. Now is the moment for you to keep a cold mind and focus on your economic growth with moderation and productive work.

Everything will destabilize on Tuesday. However, you may find in chaos the chances you need. Don't get stuck, seek for the impulse that you need to overcome the situation, always from humbleness and good counseling.

The first day of November the astral movements will remind you that only if you keep working hard you will reach success. Don't give up. Make the most of yourself.

Keep some of your energy for the weekend, for it will require that you give the best of you for renovation and change. The times are changing, Gemini, but if you make efforts during the week you may be rewarded on Saturday surrounded by your loved ones.

On Sunday you will be interested in an idea that may seem crazy at first, but that will end up being great if you know how to follow your intuition.


The week will be in crescendo if you take good care of your body. If you are disciplined in certain habits you will overcome your problems and will end up having a fantastic week.

That is why on Monday you have to start by general disinfection. Take a salt and lemon bath, which will improve your inner self.

On Tuesday, your mouth and teeth problems will remind you of the importance of good oral hygiene and that we shouldn't eat too much sweet food. On Wednesday you may feel nervous and anxious.

On Thursday you should analyze what is wrong with your body. On Saturday be careful to avoid getting sick. On Friday reduce your bad habits, on Saturday focus on your hygiene habits and be positive and optimistic on Sunday.