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Cosmic confluences place you at the beginning of a change this Monday, but you must get going and embrace the opportunity with faith, confidence, and purpose for renewal. To move forward, you need to block all painful trauma from the past, especially on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, if your marriage is in crisis, you will feel more than ever the weight of temptation, but it wouldn't be fair to you or the other person. It is much more mature to face some pending conversations.

On Thursday do not think that what is happening around you is bad luck. You have to make the most of your power to change adverse circumstances. The conversations you start at the end of the week with your partner should be based on a more mature approach on your part.

On Saturday, love has to go beyond the physical, and on Sunday, you must preserve your inner balance by getting rid of toxic people.


For this week, in which you will be more exposed than ever to changes and sharp turns in your economy, you need to take control from Monday. On Tuesday, the arrival of some unforeseen expenses contrasts with the opening of new opportunities that you must take advantage of.

If you don't know how to face all these difficulties with optimism and a positive mentality, you will easily fall into an envious behavior that only generates negative fluctuations. On Thursday, you can regain confidence in your skills and your talent, and give more space to the unexpected.

However, on Friday you will remember that working consistently is the slowest but the safest path to success. That encourages you on Saturday to fight to reach excellence: in prosperity, you will find the improvement in your professional life.

On Sunday fight against abuses and make sure you get enough rest from the accelerated pace of work throughout the week.


Although you are recovering from a cold, on Monday, you will still have some uncomfortable symptoms. On Tuesday you will enter a phase of plenitude that you can take advantage of to take care of your loved ones.

Those Gemini who are younger should prioritize physical activity and avoid having a sedentary life. On Thursday you will notice the annoying symptoms of coughing, which you can palliate with water vapor inhalations. On Friday the muscular aches will come back, especially in the back, as a result of fatigue.

In general terms, this is a very positive week as far as your health is concerned, although insecurity leads you to magnify any small discomfort. On Saturday, don't sleep too much to avoid limiting your energy potential, and on Sunday avoid having a negative attitude.