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You can't control your feelings, and that can cause you some trouble: Tuesday you will be tempted to start living a double life that won't benefit you at all. Embody the values of loyalty and fidelity.

On Monday you will feel that your life is in the middle of a hurricane, and you have to pause it: reinforce communication and you will adopt a more relaxed and reflexive temper. If you manage to stabilize your feelings, you will be able to face the evolution process in your love life, starting Wednesday.

The week goes on with Neptune's influences to push you in your love conquests, but you have to deal with triumph with pride. On Friday, again, your feelings will be enhanced. Learn to separate passion from love. 

By the weekend you have to channel all of the emotional flow that you have collected during the week and have positive feelings that favor friendship and love as a weapon against pessimism. On Sunday, regain your Gemini essence, and rebuild your spiritual world.


The rapid fall down the slope of the recession and the blazing recovery introduce you into a dizzying week that requires all your energy.

The ability to adapt will mark the beginning of the week: quickly adapt your skills to the accelerated pace of economic change. The sooner you put your talent into play, the better, as the week progresses with a bad work environment and financial difficulties.

Although Mars feels like you're going straight to the precipice, on Thursday, you'll experience a slight improvement that will put you in front of the imperative need to conserve. Friday completes the week by taking some risk and awakening your most ambitious side.

During the week there will also be times for you to devote yourself to your favorite activities and get out of the grey routine of obligations and duties. The weekend takes special care and don't let your emotions influence your speculative economy, especially when it comes to your future investments.


By the beginning of the week you will learn to walk the opposite path to depression: activate your body so that your mind clears and abandons the pessimistic state. On Tuesday make an effort to reduce the stress levels that you have now, and try doing some relaxation exercises before you go to bed.

By the middle of the week remember to pay attention to your looks. That will enhance your self-esteem. On Thursday, Neptune's influence can be negative for your vices and addictions: make the most of your power of will to get over the situation.

On Friday, improve your daily habits. That will help you reinforce your respiratory system's health. The weekend offers you the possibility of balancing your body. You also have to improve the quality of your sleep so that you don't have so many nightmares.