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Look forward to future with excitement. Some unexpected events will try out your love life. But remember that you are the owner of your happiness. Combine optimism with caution: now it's not the time for changes, but for preservation.

Friday will be characterized by emotional chaos. You will need strength and the best of attitudes: anxiety, confusion, and discomfort can make you learn a valuable lesson. Don't get too obsessed with love by the weekend. Pay more attention to yourself: it's time to move forward.

This week will teach you that if you want to start a new story, first you have to finish the ones you have started.

Your family and friends will be your shelter when you need to face hard times.


Good luck is knocking on your door this week. Make the most of it to recover your winning mindset.

This week you will have to be more disciplined and more controlling. Don't relax! On Thursday your nerves could play a trick on you. But you will be able to fix it if you keep calm and go on with your life. On Sunday, try to improve your mental faculties.

The stars are offering you strength to start a new project on Wednesday. You will need excitement, confidence and a steady environment.

In general terms, your economic situation will be fine. Maybe on Saturday you could treat yourself.


Instead of getting discouraged and whining, the stars are willing to help you find solutions to cheer you up and improve your health.

On Monday you will feel too sensitive, so you can trust music to help you improve your mood and calm your nerves and impulses. On Tuesday and Wednesday your defenses will lower. Try to make them stronger with a good healthy diet.

Make sure that you eat enough vitamins, minerals and iron.

On Thursday try to be more relaxed and rest more. This is also helpful to recover your defenses. Before going to bed, try dream incubation. On Friday you will probably have stomach ache, probably because of the nerves that you are trying to fight.

Be active this weekend: go dancing and free your energy.