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The Gemini prediction for the month of August

Your Gemini predictions for August 2018
AugustHoroscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Settlement and stability

Your planet has settled down once and for all, and that brings stability, which means your love life will consolidate. Generally, and despite everyday struggles, you're on a positive change of trend where you're getting powerful vibrations to act accordingly.

This will be a month especially filled with positive emotions to boost your optimism. It's the perfect time to strengthen your bonds to friends and family. The 12th will be quite a connection-prone day with your loved ones. On the 21st, your emotions will be running higher than ever.

On the 24th comes the key to a cycle change for single Geminis, because there'll be an opening in your magnetic field to attract kind, interesting individuals towards you.

For Geminis who are in long-term relationships, August means evolution. You'll get a few chances to reinforce communication towards your partner, to know each other better and adapt your needs. Despite some critical dates, like the 16th, or outsiders trying to hurt you on the 6th, you can be sure that the month will end on a strong note.

Money: Personal growth

This August, against all odds, you'll grow financially and professionally, but even more so personally. You'll find new skills, reinforce trust in your skills, and evolve towards a better career profile.

For unemployed Geminis, luck won't be on your side on the first half of the month, and you'll have to wait until the 23rd to find a beacon of light. Then, there'll be a change in trends and an improvement that'll take a few days to become a reality.

For most of the month, Geminis who do have jobs will put keeping that job at the top of their priorities, and it will be at risk in many occasions (especially the 13th). You'll also feel doubtful. But in general, you'll feel your performance is improving. The second and last week of the month will be full of work.

On the 5th you'll get a nice chance to change your financial strategy, and throughout the month there'll be various dates for this, such as the 11th, 14th and 17th. On the 31st, you'll get the bonus you've been expecting for so long.


Health: Quite the good month

July ended on a positive note for you, which will become real in August. Good news about your health and the health of your loved ones will boost your good mood, which you'll continue to use as a weapon to keep yourselves healthy and fit.

Things can also improve, of course.

If you're going on a holiday on the 1st, be careful on the road; watch what you eat on the first week of August; check your cough problems on the 6th; you'll be insomniac on the 11th, and experience muscle pains on the 18th. Finally, you'll start a minor cold on the 29th.

The 14th is the most important day, because elder Geminis could feel their high blood pressure getting worse. You should check that out with your doctor immediately.

But all in all, your body has tremendous health. Keep your mind positive and do some changes in your diet. Do more intense physical exercise.