Gemini Horoscope
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The moon is in the solemn and traditional sign of Capricorn and from that area of ??the Zodiac, it drives you to notice your responsibility regarding your romantic relationships.

You shouldn't keep insisting on something that doesn't satisfy you any more but you should evaluate what you have in common and if there's a reason to keep fighting.

You may discover that part of what's wrong comes from your need to move independently towards your goals without considering your goals in common.

If you value your romantic relationship, it's time to listen to what your partner has to say with your heart Gemini. Find the solutions you need to move forward together.

If you're one of the Gemini natives who are single, don't be afraid to show your vulnerable side or your desire to have a serious relationship. You'll be reciprocated.

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At work, you will feel that those who should don't always collaborate with you. You feel a lack of companionship. You'd like others to participate more in your projects. Everyone wants to be noticed and show that they know more than others and the competition is very destructive.

Little harmony decreases productivity, so you should isolate yourself to achieve your goals today.

You may receive news about an inheritance or money you share with family or friends today.


You'll have to use part of your day to stop and do some exercise.

Don't waste it on social media as stretching and strengthening the muscles of your neck and back will be important.

Cramps and stiffness will harm you if you don't do something to counteract your bad postures. Too many hours in the same position affect your muscles and tendons. The health of your bones depends on you looking after them Gemini.