Be careful, Gemini. The goddess of love is in the agitated and hot territories of Aries and this means mad moods and bad tempers in your relationships, somewhat rude answers and a state of agitation that isn't your style and that you have to tolerate if you want to have a good day.

You can rely on the positive effluvia of the moon in Virgo that will enlighten you with a more peaceful and thoughtful emotional awareness.

The natives who are in a new relationship should remember that beginnings are very important, so they need to look after their new partner.

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Simple things are often more favourable than the complications of luxury and waste.

You're often quite arrogant and that doesn't allow you to engage with other people who can contribute a lot to your material life.

If you get involved with other people for work, you'll achieve much more as long as you each have a clear and defined idea of what you're in charge of.

You know that every part of a machine plays a part in completing a task. Acknowledging you're as important as the other members in your team will be a fantastic encouragement for you and your colleagues.

The lucky number for today for the natives of your sign is 15. This number reminds you that you have to work hard for what you want. Sustained effort creates success. You shouldn't back down when faced with obstacles.


The natives of Gemini will enjoy good health today as long as they take the minimum precautions regarding food and exercise.

Don't forget your daily appointment with your body. A massage, moisturiser, a special perfume that helps you calm down.