Today is the full moon eclipse in Cancer. It isn't an ordinary day since many issues related to emotions and family life will be modified from today, so you should pay a lot of attention to your attitudes and what you say if you want to avoid problems or unfavourable changes.

Gemini, if you're distant with someone you love very much, try to handle the issue well and refine your intuition to analyse if it's the right time to talk or find common ground.

If you've argued about practical aspects of your material life, you may have to wait a few days to end those conversations, otherwise, you can spoil the relationship and it would be a big mistake.

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You may feel that you face a great loss today. You're expecting money that may not come, you might not get a job or an opportunity disappears from your horizon.

The astral energy that's affecting your current life attracts losses or feelings of difficulty so you learn the last lessons of this eclipse in terms of responsibility and management of resources.

You should take the day as a great learning opportunity. The lessons that come to you are only a step towards your financial growth, although you might not appreciate it at the time.

The number of fortune for today is 1. A magical number that invites you to be more creative as you face the challenges of your career.


It's a tiring day and therefore, you'll want to rest and relax your mind with distractions. A good film, a book or a video game are some of the possible distractions. Give yourself permission for a couple of hours.