Gemini horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The natives of Gemini will have a special day this Sunday.

Many Gemini natives could be overcoming a deep marriage crisis. They've finally reached a peak after climbing steep slopes.

Others will experience a period of introspection in which they look for answers to some issues related to their love life and now the time has come for them to open up to others and vibrate without restrictions. You can open your heart and give the love you normally do.

If you're single, there's an opportunity to find love where you least expect it, Gemini. Don't let your curiosity lead you to lose the ability to objectively see who is paying you attention.


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You've missed some good opportunities Gemini.

Money is something you need in your life but on more than one occasion, you've taken it for granted, as if it were a game so you've lost great chances that may not come back. That's why you have to decide to implement a different action plan.

This Sunday, you can sit with a pen and a notebook and you can use all your creativity to write down your ideas, so when you're stressed while working, you already know what to do.

If you're a freelance, it's time to make drastic changes and look for different ways of solving your recurring problems.


The stress of the week can lead to lapses of distraction and memory problems today. You're worrying too much and that's why you need food that's rich in phosphorus and in vitamin B. They take part in many cognitive processes and help your body to remain calm, balancing your nervous system.

Legumes, whole grains, millet and nuts are some of the options you can go for.