You have to be careful with what you say, Gemini.The effluvia of the meticulous Moon in Virgo can lead you to communicate some issues that aren't favourable for you. Every time you stop to comment on your partner's flaws, you hurt yourself.

You shouldn't forget that you're a reflection of that person with whom you chose to travel the paths of love and everything that bothers you in them is nothing more than what bothers you about your personality.

Older natives will experience a complex time when it comes to life at home and respect for the elderly. Having to take care of other people will use up some of your energy and tension will lead you to say things in an abrupt or unpleasant way, with the danger of offending the feelings of someone you love very much.

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It isn't a good day to escape, there's much to do and you'll have to organise the use of your work hours with precision so you can be productive.

There's a lot of tension, especially for the natives of the third position. You'll feel that all the demands and pulls you endure are excessive, but it won't last too long. Tomorrow the pressure will begin to subside.

There's much to do and the good news is that you can trust your friends to help you.

Your lucky number for today is 505. This is a magical number that brings Gemini natives blessings from the confines of the Universe. If you believe in angels, you'll receive subtle messages of change. Dreams will soon come true.


Your problems are usually linked to exhaustion, so you should be careful of not overworking yourself and try to spend an hour outdoors. Just go for a walk or sit and contemplate the green grass in the park Gemini.