There are dark and complex astrological aspects in the sky, especially for the natives of the Gemini who may feel hostile or difficult.

Your sex life will bring you quite a few difficulties today. You'll have to choose a new path with certainty.

You can't continue playing the comfortable game you've been playing up to now. Life drives you to define your position and show your cards.

Conversations can feel very intense and dramatic and yet they'll be the door that leads you to a new dimension of your emotional life.

Gemini, trust the wisdom of your heart that's always open to surprises.

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Mechanisms that expose you to doubts and difficulties regarding money have been put in place. If you're getting divorced or separating, today you'll see that you have to decide your path in a more active way.

Life is testing you and that won't leave you alone until you solve your problems in line with the well-being of everyone involved.

The lucky number for the natives of Gemini for today is 23. This number is famous for being enigmatic, it indicates the need to follow your curiosity to achieve your creative goals. Use the gift of communication to improve your material world.


It's a perfect day to achieve new goals when it comes to personal care. There are many changes that are at your disposal and with which you can transform your body into a tool at your service. Remember that you are what you eat and what you do, Gemini. Your energy and youthful attitude will lead you to find the paths that lead you to good health.