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Today you can enjoy a climate of harmony and peace at home. Your partner will strive to help you calm down.

Relationships, in general, enjoy a time of sweetness thanks to the presence of Venus in Sagittarius.

The moon in Taurus will make you remember past moments in your life that were stored in your memory. You might feel melancholic and a certain degree of yearning for a few hours today. You're still processing some memories that move your heart.

If you live with children, they may have a difficult day in terms of their behaviour, but you can provide them with love and containment.


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Starting the day with motivation will boost a brilliant week, but if you let yourself get carried away by lack of motivation and laziness you'll tear up your chances of enjoying your routine.

Even if you think your life is very repetitive, you may experience incredible surprises today, Gemini.

The moon joins Uranus and that always brings incredible situations and extrasensory perceptions.

You'll see the manipulations of your enemies very clearly and you'll be able to prevent all kinds of machinations against you. You'll discover who your true friends are and you may be surprised to discover that they're not who you thought they were.

The number of the fortune for the natives of your sign for today is 8. This number could bring you closer to integrating business and friendship relationships. You'll feel the cooperation and you'll be able to share your ideas with those around you.


Your health is optimal today. You feel full of energy and can keep this sensation as long as you release the emotions in a smooth and directed way.

Anger and loud words damage your body, so don't get carried away by impulses.