Your ruling planet is pressed by the proximity to Pluto and the Moon in your communication are. This is something that can attract very hard conversations for the natives of your sign, Gemini.

Although today you feel heavy and perhaps some pain, everything you say today can bring clarity about the past. This way you'll clear the road that takes you to better destinations.

You can't write a good story about incomplete issues. You need to clear the situation with your partner or the person you share your feelings with.

Those who are single will vibrate energy of difficulty and sorrow that will lead you to rethink the way you behave in relationships with others.

Cheer up, Gemini, better times will come.

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You'll be aware of reality. You may have to deal with issues regarding older people or family assets and you might have to set aside your own personal issues.

Many natives will be required to negotiate the way in which they organise the common expenses or profits at home with their loved ones. Anyway, you'll be pressured to show a determination that you don't usually feel, Gemini.

The current planetary influence is leading you to evolve on issues that require your attention. Dropping issues that are outdated, learning to share with your heart and recognising the darkest areas of your personality regarding your material life will be part of a complex reality this Sunday.


Gemini, take a break. You deserve it. Make some time to find the peace that your heart and soul require today.

You'll find rest in the silence of the mind. Meditating or reading a philosophy book will relieve the tension you feel and take you to space where you can better understand your destiny.