When you really fall in love, you aren't interested in anyone else and you know that well Gemini. If you start fantasising about other possibilities and getting distracted thinking about other people, you aren't really in love.

Aside from the weaknesses of your sign Gemini, you shouldn't think that you're allowed to flirt without further ado. Your partner suffers when they see that part of your personality and it doesn't do you any good either.

Distractions of this nature will be very good for single natives. You'll change your mind and you'll be having a very enchanting moment that you'll enjoy like a hummingbird enjoys the honey of gardenias and roses.

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Your ideas and the ideas of other people who work by your side are completely different. You could be insisting on doing some tasks your own way, quickly and forgetting certain details and this could bring certain problems.

Natives who are looking for a new job won't achieve the expected results at meetings and appointments this afternoon since, although the energy is positive, you're likely to be a bit arrogant and not very committed to your responsibilities.

Moderate your words, speak less and listen more Gemini. There's an unfavourable trend today that encourages you to show your worst side. The natives of the second position will be subject to an imprecise way of communicating that won't help you regarding your reputation.


Don't neglect the health of your back, Gemini. Many natives could feel some discomfort they haven't felt for some time. Hurting your neck as well as the bad postures will cause different problems that can bring you great concern in the future.