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Someone will approach you to help heal the wounds of the past. It's someone who knows how to touch your heart and say the most appropriate words that will help you decipher the reason for some problems that you've been having for a long time.

If you're in a relationship, you can experience stronger feelings, greater intimacy and mutual understanding, which will enhance the projects you have in common.

Planning a weekend trip will do you a lot of good and will be a fantastic gift for your partner. Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today, Gemini.

If you're single you can meet a friend for a relaxing trip into nature. Friendship is an oasis for the natives of your sign.


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It's a very productive day for you, Gemini. You may have to face different responsibilities today that lead you to feel pressured and exhausted.

Your achievements can be acknowledged if you are patient and are able to get in touch with the right person. If you want your conditions to be appreciated, you have to find the right moment and the person in your career. Remember that you can often get involved in intrigues and conflicts that you might not start, but that can still harm you Gemini.


Moving your muscles and your joints is as important or much more as other types of care you can give your body.

The truth is that you can spend too much time sitting at the computer or doing tasks involve hours of physical inactivity. So you should stop and take a little walk every half an hour and do some stretching to stimulate your blood flow.

But, Gemini, this isn't going to be enough. You'll have to think about joining a gym or going cycling with your friends today.