The natives of Gemini don't have a good day ahead. Although you wish you could have a good Valentine's Day, disagreements are common today and romantic words fall into the abyss of silence.

You receive less love than you ever gave and although you know the mistakes you've made, you also know the love you've given and what you're receiving isn't fair.

You need to get closer to your partner, even if you feel rejection or indifference. You won't regret chasing the person you love.

Single natives shouldn't start seeing someone today as they'll have very negative first impressions today. Remember that your happiness depends on the way you want to see reality. It being full of fantasies or ghosts will depend on you.

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Work will be your main priority today. You'll want to do everything for everyone and it won't be as easy as other times.

At times, you'll want to run away and forget about the world after closing the door but responsibility is your strength.

You'll feel energised throughout the day and that will help you complete each of the tasks you have committed to.

The lucky number for today for the natives of your sign is 19. In the tarot, this number is "The Sun". This arcane describes success in all areas, but you'll have to look at life with your luminosity and joy to make the most of this success. Don't let sadness cloud your character.


Today you may discover that something you consume regularly affects your health more than you think. It can be for the better or worse.