It's a beautiful day for you, Gemini. The moon in your home area will attract a different perception about the idea you have of the females in your family. Listening to the voices of your female family members can be a challenge for you right now. However, when you connect with the wisdom of your grandmothers, your mother or your daughters, you'll feel that there are words that are accurate and that help you understand many of your feelings.

Take note of your feelings when facing this vibration and rely on the love stories that come to you through the stories you've been told.

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Jupiter is positioned in conjunction with the South Node and therefore, you'll see that the abundance you dreamt of in the past takes on new shapes and leaves the old ones behind. You'll learn to celebrate what comes even if it isn't quite what you wanted.

Many blessings will come to the natives of Gemini if ​​they allow family energy to take the importance it should and they don't avoid what appears to be more annoying or traditional.

The number of fortune for the natives of Gemini today is 16. This number in the tarot is "The Tower" and describes a situation in which everything falls apart to leave room for the creation of a new reality in your life. If you allow the energy of 16 to come into your life, you can reach your material destiny thanks to your kindness and good energy, which will give you the patience you need to build each step of your progress.


The health of the natives of Gemini could suffer if you aren't careful enough when washing vegetables or you eat too much fast food or at restaurants. Watch out today.