Gemini horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Peace and harmony come to you, Gemini. The moon is in your sign and it illuminates the darkest corners of your heart with its silver light. That's why you can enjoy more understanding, wonderful dialogues in which you'll share the different emotions and hopes you have for your future.

Most natives of your sign often speak little of what they feel and tend to be distracted by intellectual or frivolous conversations. That's why the openness that the stars bring for you today is something that you should use in your favour, particularly if you feel that you should find more clarity regarding your feelings with someone close to you.

The natives who seek to add a new member to their family could start trying as the stars show a tendency to fertility today.


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Everything is going well at work. You're very well influenced by the stars, this applies in particular to the natives of the third position. You can expect a correct interpretation of what is expected of you at work. You're in tune with the needs of your colleagues and if you work in sales, you can understand the needs of your customers so that you become a market leader, Gemini.

You'll enjoy recommendations and prizes. The day couldn't be any better. You feel comfortable with your partners, the day goes by and you feel that certain past sacrifices haven't been in vain.

You'll see the importance of the different ways in which wealth appears in your life such as friendship, health and the affection of your relatives.


You feel really well today, both physically and psychologically. If you're waiting for the results of medical tests, you'll receive very good news about a diagnosis.