The astral configurations for today show a tendency to enjoy the simple things in life. Routine tasks are much more fun when you do them with your partner, Gemini.

Nobody enjoys working as a team as much as you do; buying groceries for the whole week, cleaning the storage room or working in the garden will be a shared pleasure today. Your partner will see your good energy and how easy and fun it is to share domestic responsibilities.

Taking care of the place where you live is taking care of yourself and your loved ones and therefore, the satisfaction will be immense when at the end of the day, you can appreciate the results of your hard work.

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What every money you spend today will be a good investment. Your home and your personal belongings need a new touch of energy and this will require some resources. But don't worry, Gemini, the results will really be worth it.

You'll have everything you want regarding décor and comfort if you let your practical intelligence guide you and you apply it to your home.

The number of fortune for the natives of your sign today is 101. This number reminds you of the importance of new beginnings and renewing the energy around you so that everything improves. You can't improve your finances or your relationships if you're surrounded by untidy and dirty things. Selling, giving away or throwing away everything that's no longer useful will renew your abundance.


You'll feel great even if you're tired. After an arduous day, your body might need a warm bath, Gemini. You can add a few drops of essential oil you like to make it more relaxing and enjoyable. Try lavender or bergamot.