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Venus in your complementary opposite sign Sagittarius will radiate the tenderness and hope you need for your relationship to return to what you want. The normal wear and tear that routine brings to you has left its mark on your relationship and because you have so much work and efforts ahead, you could forget the excitement of sharing a moment together.

Take the momentum that Venus in your relationship area brings to your life and find a way of please who you love the most. It'll be very positive for you. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy time together or a romantic dinner, Gemini.

The natives of Gemini who are single should pay attention since an unforgettable love comes from far away.


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Today you'll take matters related to your material security very seriously. You may be suffering certain fears about the continuity of your work or feel that your finances are threatened.

You'll want to ensure that nothing material is missing from your home with unusual and perhaps unnecessary force. But be careful, don't let emotions win where negotiations should prevail today.

Mercury is retrograde in your area of ??employment and service so it isn't a good time to decide or notify anyone of large changes. You should prepare all the paperwork and wait for other necessary aspects to happen.

If you have to face enemies at work, today isn't the best day.


Today you should enjoy good health. You feel good and you have the strength to face the challenges that arise throughout the day. Strengthen your well-being with foods that make you feel good, avoid fried food and moderate your caffeine consumption.