The stars show a strong tendency to want to make all your partner’s dreams come true. You’d like to be able to bring them the moon, but that puts you in a somewhat awkward position when your partner's expectations don’t match what you’d like. Don't be afraid Gemini, you're more than enough.

You'll give your partner everything you have and they'll really appreciate you for it. This Sunday your loved ones will notice your willingness to share your time and enjoy love.

Single natives will change their emotional attitude and that will attract a very nice person. Opening up to new romantic paths will give you great satisfaction.

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Take the opportunity to rest if you can since you’ll have a lot to do during the week.  The natives of Gemini can count on having enough money and there won’t be big surprises when it comes to earnings.

Life goes smoothly but you shouldn't abuse your credit card, otherwise, you'll feel money is very tight and you really don't need great expenses at the moment.

Keep in mind that it's time to invest in essentials.

The lucky number for the natives of Gemini for today is 41. This number suggests that you shouldn't try new issues today, but rather, you should keep going with what you've already begun to make sure every detail is looked after and successfully complete your projects.


Your health is very good according to the astral alignments for today. You have to sort through your emotions so as not to fall into anxiety states that harm you.

Your mind could take you far in the future when all you need is to enjoy what's happening now. Be present and enjoy what you have at the moment, be it a lot or a little. Everything has its positive side.