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If your relationships haven't been good recently, it's very possible that at the moment, when Venus is going through your area of ??committed relationships, you might experience improvements and greater understanding.

Conversations shouldn't revolve around money or material concerns since you could spoil a good predisposition to physically understand each other with unfortunate comments. Gemini, take the opportunity to communicate in a fun and enjoyable way, without going into philosophical or political discussions.

The astral climate shows a clear tendency to fanaticism and the extreme defence of ideas.

If you're single, you can show what you have off in a very seductive way that will attract those around you. You'll be the centre of attention because of your spark and your sensuality Gemini.


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You may experience moments where you don't have much money or changes in the way you consume. You see your financial reality in several ways and can't really decide on which path you'll feel most comfortable.

Instead of complaining about what you lack or the goals you can't reach, you have to face your fears and move towards the future with confidence.

If you evaluate your reality, you may discover that everything isn't as bad as you think and that you've accomplished much more than you'd have dreamed in the past Gemini. It's about heading in the direction of your dreams and keep looking after what you sow.


You might be tempted to eat or drink too much. You feel well-being and joy that will push you to certain excesses regarding bodily enjoyments. This abuse could lead to severe discomfort in the near future Gemini. Remember the importance of everyday care. Your health depends on what you do every day.